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Take action in TAFEs


Every TAFE is different. The following implementation steps and tools are flexible and adaptive so you can choose actions that are appropriate for your TAFE. For detailed information about each step download the guide. 

The Respect and Equality in TAFE guide is slightly different for the state of Victoria and is also available for download.

Step 1: Connect and align

A range of different staff will be important in leading actions across the five domains. It’s essential that these staff members are engaged from the very beginning.

Step 2: Gather information

As you engage leaders across the TAFE, it is useful to do a gender equality ‘stocktake’ to understand what information exists and identify what new data needs to be collected.

Step 3: Complete a self-assessment of your TAFE

The self-assessment process supports your TAFE to consider areas of strength and needs for improvement across the five domains – students, teaching and learning, workplace, communications, and industry and community.

The results will inform your tailored approach to promoting gender equality and preventing violence at your TAFE.

Tools and resources for this step

Step 4: Develop an action plan

Your work on steps 1-3 will support you to plan strategies, actions and measures that both build on your strengths and address areas that need improvement.

Step 5: Develop a monitoring plan

Monitoring and reflection is an important part of understanding your journey and will help guide any required changes as you implement your Respect and Equality in TAFE action plan.

Tools and resources for this step

Step 6: Establish partnerships

Effective partnerships are central to the success of the whole-of-TAFE approach and to your gender equity actions. Partnerships can be with staff, students, external stakeholders, community members and industry.

Step 7: Implement your action plan

Once you have consulted staff, students and external partners, collated the information gathered, developed a robust Respect and Equality in TAFE action plan and created a monitoring framework, the next step is implementation.

Step 8: Monitor and review action plans

Once you have collected and analysed monitoring data, it’s important to interpret the results and reflect on what this means for the activities you have implemented, the adjustments required and the next steps you should take.

Tools and resources for this step

Our Watch acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government Department of Education and Training for supporting the development of Respect and Equality in TAFE.