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Respect and Equality in Tertiary Education

TAFEs and universities can help to create an Australia where women are safe, equal and valued. 

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Case studies of violence prevention at TAFEs and unis

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Violence prevention tools and resources for TAFEs and unis

This website is for people undertaking violence prevention work at TAFEs and unis. It includes information to help you create a case for change, as well as planning and implementing prevention activities, education and communications. There are also tools and resources to support you along the way.

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You can help stop violence and harassment before it starts

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Our Watch prevention tools for workplaces, schools, sport, the media and more

  • Free resources to promote gender equality and prevent gender-based violence in primary and secondary schools.

  • Free resources for professionals to prevent violence against women in workplaces.

  • Free resources for journalists, survivors and university educators to prevent violence against women in the media.

  • Free resources for national sporting organisations to understand and promote gender equality.

  • A free resource supporting local governments to prevent violence against women in their workplaces and communities.

  • Free tools and resources to prevent violence against women anywhere you live, work or play.